Post-Colonial Moment: VE-Day and the legacy of World War II

This weekend commemorations for Victory in Europe Day (VE-Day), the day Germany surrendered to the Soviet Union the Allied nations of France, UK and the United States, are occurring all over Europe. Heads of state are saluting veterans who risked their lives for the efforts. Soldiers from many of the former colonized nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America played a large role in World War II as well, but not much is being said about them. Although many of these soldiers fought with pride for their respective colonial rulers, but returned to their homelands to deal with racial hostility and discrimination.

Effectively on this day, the Cold War began and the Non-Alignment Movements was sprung.

Did the hostility of the returned colonized soldiers have any effect on the need for countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to hasten independence from ther European rulers?


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