Who wants to be Haiti's next president?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last couple of days, rapper Wyclef Jean is running for president in Haiti. No, you didn't skip a line; he really is running for the office with 14 other candidates this fall in the earthquake-stricken Caribbean island.

I even have proof:

As much as I like him musically, almost immediately, my skeptic radar went up because he seems to have a bit of a shady past when it comes to his finances. Not only was he accused of misappropriating much-needed donations to Haitians following the earthquake through his charity, Yele, but he is now being accused again of not paying his taxes. So, you have to question how Jean intends to manage a country when its seems like he can't manage himself. Other folks like Sean Penn have brought up issues about accountability and transparency around his campaign and how he would actually run the country. Penn also questioned how dedicated Jean is about his bid. Jean departed from Haiti less than 24 hours after his announcement due to family issues.

And you know your presidential campaign is not going well when your friends turn against you.