Zim Watch: Are Mugabe and Smith the same person?

Usually when controversial people die, everyone wants to look back at that person's life and what contribution - if any - they made to society. With the recent death of Ian Smith, the first Prime Minister of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), this is no different. However, the international community for the most part has been mute since his death. While many would regard him as a man of integrity (British conservatives and colonialists, of course), he will be mostly remembered for being a racist who let white minority rule go on for longer than it should have.

"I don't believe in Black Majority rule ever - not in a thousand years", he famously said.

While the international community was supportive of Smith being replaced by black priest Abel Tendekayi Muzorewi; nonetheless, it was the "freedom fighter" Robert Mugabe progressives were impressed with. He was suppose to be the great liberator who would bring justice to Africa.

Looking back now, did we make a mistake with Mugabe?

In the 25 years he has been in power he has brought the same amount of oppression on the Zimbabwean people - if not more - as Smith did. The Mugabe administration has been criticised around the world for corruption, suppression of political opposition, mishandling of land reform, economic mismanagement, and deteriorating human rights in Zimbabwe.

In supermarkets around Zimbabwe, food can't be found on shelves because of ridiculously high inflation rates. Actually it has the highest inflation rate in the world.

Like Smith, Mugabe is accused of racism, war criminality and causing Zimbabwe to be economically isolated from the world.

So what will Mugabe be remembered for when he passes...



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