What would Jesus buy Santa today?

Just when you thought the holiday shopping season was over, stores across America can look forward again to mad customers showing up at their doors at the wee hours in the morning today to return all the crap they got for Christmas to get even better stuff for less money. Finally, some people are standing up to reject this capatalistic madness.

From the Associated Press

BREMERTON, Wash. (AP) - Art Conrad has an issue with the commercialism of Christmas, and his protest has gone way beyond just shunning the malls or turning off his television. The Bremerton resident nailed Santa Claus to a 15-foot crucifix in front of his house.

"Santa has been perverted from who he started out to be," Conrad said. "Now he's the person being used by corporations to get us to buy more stuff."

A photo of the crucified Santa adorns his Christmas cards, with the message "Santa died for your MasterCard."

The display is also Conrad's way of poking fun at political correctness. He believes people don't express their feelings because they're afraid of what other people might think.

His neighbors found the will to express their feelings this past week. Some were offended but many were just curious.

Jake Tally walked by on Friday and chuckled, but didn't pretend to understand the message.

"I don't really know what to think. I know it's about God but Santa has nothing to do with it," he told the Kitsap Sun newspaper.

In the new Morgan Spurlock produced film, "What would Jesus Buy?" the idea that Americans worhip shopping malls than churchs this time of the year. For all the talk from the Republican presidential candidates about wanting the restore "morality" in America, maybe they should start with American buying habits. Approximately 60 percent of Americans are in debt, and I don't see any politicians doing anything about this. These politicians (both Republicans and Democrats now)complain about the immigration problem at the Mexican border, but many of them support trade agreements that force people out of their countries to come here. Furthermore, most likely the product you purchased for 70 percent off at the big box store was made in China or some other country. Would people be happier if the illegals stayed in their countries and made our goods there, instead of giving more jobs to Americans.

You know, I am going to stop. It's the holidays; aren't we suppose to be cheerful, right...


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