Danny Glover keeping it real in Canada

Danny Glover is at it again. The 60-year-old was convicted in Canada yesterday for standing up for hotel workers today.

From the Associated Press

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario (AP) — Danny Glover has been convicted in Niagara Falls, Ontario, for trespassing in a hotel during a union rally in 2006. Glover, who wasn't in court, was convicted Thursday along with UNITE HERE union representative Alex Dagg and Ontario Federation of Labour President Wayne Samuelson.

Canadian Niagara Hotels charged the three with trespassing at their Sheraton on the Falls property during a Sept. 16, 2006, protest.

The 60-year-old actor took part in the protest as part of a larger campaign that aims to increase salaries and improve working conditions for hotel workers in the U.S. and Canada.

Sentencing is scheduled Feb. 8.

UNITE HERE represents 50,000 hotel, food service, garment and manufacturing workers across Canada and 450,000 in North America.

Glover has been a ardent advocate for workers' rights for years. Read a previous post I did on him two years ago below.



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