Much Ado About Nothing

Dear friends, foes and friends who will become foes after reading this post:

Now I will admit that I will be the first one to point out bigotry of any kind when I see it a mile away. But this latest "controversy" over the April cover of Vogue is just damn ridiculous, and I had to say something. Apparently the cover looks like a reflection of King Kong (Lebron James) grabbing Fay Wray (Gisele Bunchen) from the Empire State Building, or some variation of this(???).

All the race pimps out in blogosphere are out trying to make a big to do out of this cover really need to get a grip on reality. With all due respect, there is enough real racism in the world; there is no need to try to create it where it doesn't exist. Is there still racial stereotyping in the publishing world - yes, definitely? But, this is not an example of it and this is just much ado about nothing.

Furthermore, if the complainers spent more time on the disappearing media attention in the Gulf Region since Hurricane Katrina, or the thousands of people being killed in Darfur - you know, real racism - maybe we could actually accomplish something good for once.

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