AP vs. Blogosphere

The Associated Press announced this week that it will set new guidelines on how bloggers can use their copyrighted material, in light of a dust up with the Drudge Retort.

From The Associated Press:

In response to questions about the use of Associated Press content on the Drudge Retort web site, the AP was able to provide additional information to the operator of the site, Rogers Cadenhead, on Thursday. That information was aimed at enabling Mr. Cadenhead to bring the contributed content on his site into conformance with the policy he earlier set for his contributors. Both parties consider the matter closed.

In addition, the AP has had a constructive exchange of views this week with a number of interested parties in the blogging community about the relationship between news providers and bloggers and that dialogue will continue. The resolution of this matter illustrates that the interests of bloggers can be served while still respecting the intellectual property rights of news providers.

Many of you have been sending me emails about my position on this matter. As you can see from this blog, I do appropriately credit where I get my information from, but I will hold off on giving any further opinion until the AP releases the new guidelines.

In the meantime, please read Roger Cadenhead's response.

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