Watch Trouble the Water!

Last Friday I got to see a sneak preview of the upcoming film, Trouble The Water, an excellent piece of journalism!

From the producers of Fahrenheit 9/11, the documentary is the first film that actually documents life in New Orleans two days before and two weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck the area and devastated the lives of many with the use of camcorders. There have been many films about Katrina, but this film really touched me, mainly because it was entirely coming from the viewpoint of Katrina survivors. Trouble the Water talks about some unresolved issues that have since been replaced by other things in the mainstream media, like the problematic response from the government on all levels and the emotional well-being of survivors.

In the next few weeks the mainstream media will put its now annual spotlight on New Orleans to reflect on yet another anniversary of Katrina's catastrophe for about a minute. But this film exhibits why the Gulf region needs to remain in our minds year round.

Trouble the Water opens nationwide August and September.

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