Let the games begin!

Isn't anyone feeling the love for the Beijing Olympics?

Actress Mia Farrow is running her own version of the Olympics in a refugee camp on the Sudan-Chad border, say The Associated Press.

Militant Islamic group threatens to terrorize Beijing, says NDTV.com.

China to Bush: Who you calling a terrorist? as reported in Metro International.

Over one thousand pro-Tibet protesters were arrested in Nepal ahead of the Olympics, says AFP.

California pastor Eddie Romero films himself painting slogans in upscale Beijing hotels like "Our World Our Nightmare" and is now missing. See his video here.

Of course, how can I do a Global Wire post without doing shameless self-promotion. Read my article this week in The Progressive, as well as my previous posts on the same topic of apathy among African Americans to pressure China on Darfur and Jim Crow Chinese-style.



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