Facebook used to "Stop AFRICOM"

The headquarters for the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) became fully activated yesterday in Stuttgart, Germany. Under the command of the U.S. Department of Defense, AFRICOM serves the military arm for all of Africa except Egypt. However, AFRICOM has met with strong resistance from the worldwide African Diaspora who feel that the United States is not only exploiting the continent for its natural and human resources in a new form of colonialism, but it is also militarizing and forcing Africa in the War on Terror with the help of oil companies and military contractors. Activists are now planning protests around the world to showcase resistance to AFRICOM.

“STOP AFRICOM” is a loosely-formed international grassroots organization using Facebook to galvanize interest in a mass protest planned for October 27. On their Facebook page, users can also read the latest articles and commentary about AFRICOM, as well as purchase “STOP AFRICOM” T-shirts.

“The principles of imperialism on which AFRICOM stands are unmistakable,” said organizer Tsetsi Kgama in a recent Facebook message. “With a history marked by the traumas of slavery and colonialism, Africa deserves a foreign policy that respects self-determination and self-governance. Now is the time to dismantle AFRICOM and to condemn U.S. military presence in Africa.”

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