Zim Journalist Abducted

I have grown wary of Robert Mugabe; so much so that I really just can't talk about him anymore. At this point, what can you say about someone who denies that a cholera epidemic is killing the population?

But I still feel obligated to speak out about lacking press freedom in Zimbabwe. The International Women's Media Foundation is also doing their part on this pressing issue.

From IWMF:

The IWMF sent a letter to President Robert Mugabe concerning the Dec. 3 abduction of a former journalist in Zimbabwe. Jestina Mukoko, a former broadcaster at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation who now heads the Zimbabwe Peace Project, was taken from her home by a group of men, some of whom were armed. The reason for the kidnapping is still unknown, and police have refused to comment. The IWMF advocates for a free press and asks that Mukoko be released.

Read the full letter and sign a petition here.

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