Free Jestina Mukoko!

It has become commonplace in Zimbabwe for anyone to be tortured, jailed and sometimes murdered for disagreeing with the policies of President Robert Mugabe. Jestina Mukoko, journalist and director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), was abducted and jailed in December for attempting to “overthrow the Mugabe government." However, her supporters believe that she was taken from her home in an unmarked car because she bravely speaks out about the abuses under ZANU-PF. Since her abduction, the Zimbabwean government has refused to back down on Mukoko, despite pressure from the international community for her release, claiming that they don’t know her whereabouts. Mukoko’s supporters are still hopeful that she will be released in a timely manner, and are making efforts to expedite the efforts.

Internet users can join a Facebook group, which was created by supporters to raise awareness about Mukoko’s plight, including photos of Mukoko being taken into custody. On the page, supporters can also read updates on Mukoko as well as other prisoners being held in Zimbabwe for their political beliefs.

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