Moldovans "break tweets" with government protest

If you love Twitter, and use it as one of your main sources of getting breaking news, it might be time for you to bookmark Breaking Tweets on your computer/mobile phone. Created by DePaul University grad student Craig Kanalley, Breaking Tweets is a breaking news service that intergrates Twitter and traditional media outlets on event coverage. According to BeatBlogging, Breaking Tweets editors "write a one or two paragraph explanatory intro about the story, then come the tweeters, who send opinions, analysis and eyewitness media. Editors cull the best and most insightful tweets from the bunch, as well as occasionally interjecting with their own updates." This tool has also come in handy recently to help digital activists in Moldova.

Nearly 10,000 protesters in the former Soviet state protested its Communisty government Tuesday using the hashtag #pman on Twitter to rally Moldovans as well as allow others around the world to get updates. Breaking Tweets wrote a summary about the protest and posted the most insighful tweets representing the events.

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