Why isn't Oprah Winfrey running for president?

In case you were hiding under a rock this weekend, Auntie "O" has been campaigning for Mr. "O" in South Carolina, with the hope that her influence among her fans will equal votes. However, after watching Oprah thrill the crowds, one has to wonder if this is actually going to back fire on Barack Obama.

Sure, there are people in the world who will just vote for Obama simply because he has Oprah's seal of approval, which says something both good and bad about celebrity endorsements. Nonetheless, watching Oprah woo the crowds this weekend and knowing her background only reenforces the belief that Obama is too inexperienced for the job, which begs the question of why she isn't the one running for the Oval Office herself.

No, I am dead serious. Oprah Winfrey came out of a childhood of extreme poverty and sexual abuse to become one of the most successful and well respected women in the world. With her production company, magazines and other ventures, she not only holds the title of the richest person of African descent in the world, but also one of the few self-made women billionaires. This is not to say that these facts qualify her automatically to be CEO of the USA, but Obama's credituals only pale in comparison.

Prior to his run for President, he was only elected to the US Senate three years ago, and before that, he was an Illinois state legislator for eight years. Besides being an dynamic public speaker and coming from a multiracial background (which appeals to guilty white liberals), what exactly are his creds for running for president?

Now I know you all are saying "Obama's lack of political experience doesn't matter. He is a fresh new face...blah, blah, blah" I agree.

But, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards don't have any real creditials either.

Clinton just served one full term as the junior senator from New York. The only reason she is leading in the polls is because she is riding the coattails of Bill Clinton. Besides being First Lady, Clinton has no credituals to her name. John Edwards, on the otherhand, served one full - but failed - term as a Senator from South Carolina. Oh, he is a self-made multi-millionaire...from being a trial lawyer.

While I don't care for either of the political parties, I would vote for Oprah over the neophyte, the kingmaker or the ambulence chaser any day of the week.



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