A Man Down...But His Ideas Not Out

Former South Carolina Senator John Edwards ended his bid for the White House today. While his candidancy was doomed the day Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton became serious players in the race, Edwards should be applauded for making economic and social justice his core issues. He was the only one talking about "Two Americas." He spoke about issues that affect the American working class - universal health care, a living wage, predatory mortgage lending and tax reform. Edwards also took on special interests who are slowly but surely killing real democracy in America. It was only appropriate that he would end his campaign in New Orleans, a prime example want happens when one America doesn't care about the other America. Edwards was not without his flaws; he was criticized for living a extravagent life he gained from being a ambulance chaser with $400 hair cuts and building big houses. But at the end of the day he proved to be a dedicated voice for the voiceless. With that said, we can only hope that the other two candidates will stop fighting with each other over race and gender and take a page out of Edwards' book to deal with real issues.

Good luck to John, his wife, Elizabeth - and his hair!

BTW, if you need a refresher of Edwards' ideas: http://www.johnedwards.com/issues/

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