APTA is up for renewal

The Andean Preference Trade Act (APTA)is up for renewal on February 29, and the battle rages again over the good and bad of free trade agreements. APTA was created in 1991 to eliminated tariffs on products coming into the US from Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. The US is the Andean countries' most important trading partnerand is the destination for over one-fifth of their total exports. Over half of Andean country exports to the US now enter under ATPA.

APTA Pros (according to the US)

1. Improve access to goods and services
2. Strengthen its investments
3. Promote security and democracy
4. Fight against drug trafficking

APTA Cons (according to trade justice orgs)

1. Decreased labor rights, including children's labor rights
2. US subsidies harm subsistence farmers
3. Increased deforestation and animal rights violations
4. Dubai Port World is only using Latin American ports to get into the US port system

So, it is up to you to decide. If you are in the US please write or call your Senator or Representative about your concerns about APTA. If you need more information, go to Oxfam America's page on trade justice.

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