America is a Failed State

I get emails from people all the time asking why I tag my posts about this U.S.elections as “American’s Dereliction ’08” or America’s Abandonment/Failure. If you saw last night’s debate, you will now know why.

My thoughts on last night’s Democratic debate between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:

I can honestly admit that Obama didn’t have a good night at the debate. Furthermore, I think he should have been better prepared to answer the questions about Rev Wright and the “bitter” comments.

With that said, I also don’t think so much time should have been spent on these “semantics games” by over examining every little thing that either the candidates or affliates have said.

There is a mortgage foreclosure crisis, crude oil is now over $110 a barrel, people are rioting worldwide over soaring food prices, America’s on the verge of a recession with unemployment especially among people of color at an all time high, people are worried about paying for health care, college tuitions, retirement…

…and all the candidates and the moderators could talk about was who isn’t wearing an American flag lapel pin!

Hell, you would have thought that someone would have wanted to talk about the high murder rate in the city (Philadelphia) were the debate was being held. (That reminds me that no candidate has yet to present an urban policy that would make sense.)

And people wonder why no one cares about politics anymore. Politics don’t care about people!

FYI, if you were as disappointed with the debate as I was, please let ABC know by sending them an email or giving them a call:

The following were obtained from the Huffington Post.

Natalie.J.Raabe@abc.com, aberke@constitutioncenter.org, feedback@abcnews.go.com, newsradio@abc.com, cristi.d.landes@abc.com, wayne.fisk@abc.com, jeffrey.t.fitzgerald@abc.com, heidi.b.oringer@abc.com, jonathan.m.newman@abc.com, joyce.a.alcantara@abc.com, james.f.kane@abc.com, andrew.l.kalb@abc.com, robert.garcia@abc.com, peter.salinger@abc.com, steve.jones@abc.com

OR CALL ABC NOW: dial 212-456-7777 or 818-460-7477 press 2 then 6 then 639

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At Friday, April 18, 2008 12:39:00 PM, Blogger loveandtheplanet said...

Politicians in democratic countries all seem to be playing stupid. It must be the Oprah Winfrey effect of television. It is only slightly better here in England, but then we're perhaps 5 to 10 years behind in terms of socio-cultural devastation. Television is a failed medium, and it is time that we stopped people from watching it, but we won't have to, because the Internet is here to stay.

At Friday, April 18, 2008 1:30:00 PM, Anonymous nairobi-heat said...

I love that the American voting system is being seen for what it is around the world. Americans are in no position to be criticizing democracies in other countries, such as in my homeland of Kenya, when their own election process is run like a kangaroo court.

America is and will continue to be a failed state, and it will not matter who gets elected in Nov


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