Outrage continues in the Gulf Region

There are four news stories just in the last week I wanted to bring to your attention that proves that even after two and a half years, this country continues to fail the victims of Hurricane Katrina:

Not only have some Katrina victims not received rebuilding funds from the federal government, but now they are being taxed on money they haven't even received yet. Find out how in this article. Follow the conversation on Field Negro's blog.

In yesterday's New York Times an article that show that Ray Nagin and company has failed New Orleans by making promises they can't keep.

Louisiana-based construction company EPCO will give $100,000 to a "lucky child" who writes the best essay about why their family deserves to have their home rebuilt. Is it just me, or I thought everyone deserved to have their home rebuilt???

New Orleans City Councilor Stacey Head had this to say about people who need to stay in FEMA trailers beyond the May 30 deadline in a recent Times-Picayune article:

“At what point are we going to say that in New Orleans it’s not OK to live in a trailer as a lifestyle choice?” she asked. “There are many, many trailers in the non-flooded areas (where) people just would rather live there than deal with a house that they didn’t put any money into for a long time before that.”

No, she doesn't blame FEMA, Ray Nagin or even herself; she chooses to people who didn't choose to be in this situation.

Jesus, take the wheel!

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At Friday, April 04, 2008 9:22:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this. Glad to see a blogger talking about issues that are important, rather than whats on the cover of Vogue


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