A Letter From Zimbabwe

The Associated Press is reporting right now that Robert Mugabe is negotiating with the opposition about the possibility of leaving office. More on this as infomation comes in.

In the meantime, I received this email this morning from my friend "John M." (real name witheld) a former journalist and social critic living in Harare.

Dear Sister Talia

I read your blog all the time, and I wanted to thank you on behalf of Zimbabweans who want to give praised to the worldwide African Diaspora for their warm support during this time of need in our country. It is a glorious feeling here in Harare that a new day is dawning. The MDC opposition has declared an early victory, but we are still wary that the president will try to rig the elections. We wish Mugabe would just move on and let Zimbabwe go back to a peaceful existence. I have been without a job for over a year, and myself and my three children are dependent on my wife’s meager teacher’s salary. Because of the inflation, it is hard to buy food and petrol. So, it is a blessing indeed if a new day is dawning.

Give thanks and praise to the Creator,

"John M."



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