No hope in Zim

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai dropped out of the runoff election Sunday, essentially handing a victory to dictator Robert Mugabe.

From CNN:

"The courageous people of Zimbabwe, of this country, and the people of the MDC have done everything humanly and democratically possible to deliver a new Zimbabwe and new government," candidate Morgan Tsvangirai said after a closed-door meeting of his Movement for Democratic Change.

A government official, however, said Tsvangirai dropped out only because he fears being handed a "humiliating defeat" in the runoff.

MDC is not afraid of a humiliating defeat; they fear Mugabe and friends raging WWIII at the expense of the rest of the country. Tsvangirai has pretty much been walking with a "fatwa" on his head since March.

According to reports from insiders, approximately 70 MDC members have been killed, and nearly half a million Zimbabweans have been displaced since the March elections.

Of course, my two friends are still missing.

Where's the outrage!



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