China, Russia - Cold War Part 2?

What the mainstream media and Bush administration is not telling you about the Russia/Georgia conflict:

From The Nation:

...Certainly Russia should be condemned for escalating the fighting beyond what was necessary to defend South Ossetians and Russian peacekeepers. But the US media have failed to provide the full backdrop. For one, the role of Saakashvili--who has sought to provoke Moscow over a range of issues in recent years--has been whitewashed. Georgia's president has often seemed more intent on currying favor with the Bush Administration, which has strongly supported Georgia's bid for NATO membership, than on looking after the interests of his people. The United States has also sent hundreds of military advisers to Georgia and welcomed Georgian troops in its "coalition of the willing" in Iraq. The irony is that the Bush Administration, which violated Iraq's sovereignty, now feigns outrage over Russia's actions. And for all the flowery talk of promoting Georgia's democracy, the Bush Administration has in the past year downplayed Saakashvili's violent crackdown on Georgian protesters, as well as his rigged election, declaration of martial law, attacks on opposition media and jailing of opponents...

...The West cannot simply claim the precedence of one principle (self-determination in Kosovo, for example) and then assert that of the other (national sovereignty in Georgia) without exposing its own hypocrisy and motivations based on power politics...

Could this conflict be the end of the Obama campaign and give rise to John McCain's so-called military astuteness, as many are opining now? Who knows? Neither one is giving a clear answer to what they are going to do about this issue if elected.

But the Beijing Olympics should also raise eyebrows in the White House and beyond too. Check out Naomi Klein drop knowledge about "McCommunism."

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