King's Dream Revisited

While Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama prepares to give his acceptance speech before 75,000 people in Denver tonight, today just so happens to be the 45th anniversary of another African American giving a speech to thousands in Washington D.C.

It was on this day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I have a dream" speech at Lincoln Memorial, which is now considered a defining moment in American history. King's speech eventually forced then President John F. Kennedy to expediate civil rights legislation.

But since 1963, has the quality of life really improved for African Americans? Whether or not you plan to vote for him in November, one has to see that there has been much progress in America if Barack Obama can be taken seriously as the potential next president. But there are other factors. There is a rising black middle class and more blacks graduating from high school and college.

However, unemployment, predatory lending, prison industry complex and health disparities continue to hinder progress in the black community.

So has Dr. King's dream been achieved yet? Discuss.



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