Black filmmaking and new media

The National Black Programming Consortium has always been on the cutting edge of helping innovative black filmmakers to integrate new media into their projects. As you might remember, I wrote an article recently about NBPC's latest venture, AfroPop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange. In addition to their announcement that they are accepting submissions for AfroPop for summer 2009, NBPC also has some other exciting stuff up its sleeves.

From NBPC:

New Media Institute 2008.

NBPC and its National Minority Consortia partners are launching the third annual New Media Institute (NMI), a professional development program and conference for media makers looking to stay current in the ever-changing landscape of digital media.

With NMI 08's focus on social networking and active citizenship, this year's conference will be held in the Washington, DC metro area following the historic presidential elections.

For more INFORMATION and APPLICATIONS, please visit http://www.nbpc.tv/nmi.



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