About last night's VP debate

Well, at least Sara Palin didn’t fall on her face last night.

I think we can all reasonably agree that no matter what political inclination you are, no one really wanted to see the Alaska governor embarrass herself on live television before an international audience. I almost didn’t watch it because I thought it was going to be a train wreck. But I did watch the whole debate and gave her a “P” for Passing and moved her up from “high functioning moron” to “superior functioning moron.”

With this said, did she prove that she could handle being the second in command? Hardly. It became very apparent early in the debate that she was reciting memorized talking points and didn’t really have much substance in her points, except when she was discussing energy and her record on reform.

The only things I learned about Palin last night was that she is a “maverick,” an energy expert and loves Israel. (BTW, wasn’t that whole Israel exchange betwne the two of them weird? Talk about pandering the Jewish/pro-Israel vote) And, oh, did I forget that she is a hockey mom.

Regarding Joe Biden, he did very well and he didn’t make any gaffes (hand wiping my forehead). He was very substantive on all his points and finally took on Palin’s maverick rhetoric. Biden also won points for reminding viewers about the Bush administration’s disastrous eight years, especially regarding foreign policy and specifically Iraq.

Final analysis: Biden is qualified to be both vice president and president. Palin, on the other hand, showed that maybe she isn’t as dumb as she comes off – so far.



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