No he didn't just say that about Madonna!

As you all know, this blog is generally reserved for serious discourse on politics and social justice - you know - important topics. But, despite the crashing economy and race-baiting in the U.S. presidential race (which I will speak more on tomorrow) and other evidence that End of Days is nigh, I had to take a diversion to discuss another important issue that has come up in recent days - the pending divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie!

If you haven't noticed already, I am a big fan of Her Madgetsy. I have seen her in concert four times, most recently last week at the infamous Boston concert, where she indirectly called her estranged husband "emotionally retarded."

But wait, there is more to the story.

From NY Daily News:

Lawyers for the Material Girl will make a case that Ritchie was verbally abusive, sapping his wife of her legendary confidence, according to the Daily Mail online.

His alleged insults include a quip that the buff pop star "looked like a granny" next to her back-up dancers, and that she's "past it" now that she's 50.

He also said his wife, who has flirted with acting many times over her career, isn't up to that particular challenge.

Apparently the alleged bad-mouthing didn't exactly put either in the mood. The couple reportedly hadn't had sex in the 18 months leading up to their split, according to Britain's News of the World.

Lawyers for her Madgesty will say the comments damaged her self-esteem over the course of their 8-year marriage.

Ritchie's lawyers may have their own fodder for claims of controlling behavior bordering on abuse, based on his wife's alleged whims.

Madonna's personal habits include having a live-in trainer, and going to sleep slathered in $800 cream and wrapped in plastic, according to the Mail online.

She also enforced a strict dairy-free policy in their home, and Ritchie was rarely allowed to eat meat. When he did, his wife would leave the table in disgust.
Ritchie's friends were also not welcome in their home, and neither were any newspapers or television.

Verbal sparring between the soon-to-be former spouses is already underway, with Ritchie's dad chiming in as well.

The director's father blasted Madonna as "beastly" Friday after the Material Girl suggested in song that her estranged hubby was "emotionally retarded."

Madonna took the shot at a Boston concert, telling the audience, "This song is for the emotionally retarded. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. I know I do."

It also drew the ire of John Ritchie, who spoke out for the first time about his son's upcoming divorce battle.

"She is being beastly. She is saying, 'Did you ever love me?' It goes back to a time when she fell off her horse, and she's blaming him for that. She's calling him an emotional retard. When he's being bashed by her, it's horrid," he said.

Friends agree the marriage first started turning sour three years ago when Madonna fell from her horse and broke eight bones, and felt that Ritchie showed "a complete lack of love and sympathy."

A legal showdown could pit Britain's two leading female divorce lawyers against each other.

Ritchie is said to be consulting with Lady Helen Ward, the lawyer who won Britain's biggest divorce payout - $120 million.

Madonna has hired Fiona Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his $60 million divorce from Heather Mills.

Friends said Madonna was "incensed" when she went onstage in Boston because Ritchie supposedly reneged on a deal to keep their divorce under wraps until next year.

According to a drag queen, named appropriately "Diva," I was sitting next to at the concert, apparently Madonna was "scheduling" to get divorced next year, well after her tour ended. So, Miss Madge possibly was none to happy about the news breaking just hours before she got on stage. Ritchie can say what he will about her looks, but her stans still love her.

"The bitch looks good for fifty," Diva said. "She could crack Guy's head with those legs."

Well, she certainly will in divorce court.



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