Barack Obama wins online campaign

President-elect Barack Obama has not only become the first African American commander-in-chief of the United States, but he also led the Democratic party to win states considered uphill battles, including Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Obama's road to the White House was helped with a broad, diverse group of followers, including young people, people of color and disgruntled Republicans, thanks in part to his successful online strategy.

Obama used the Internet for both fundraising purposes and growing a community of like-minded voters who wanted to see the country go in a different direction than the one led by the Bush Administration. According to data from the Federal Election Commission, Obama raised over $470 million in individual contributions through October 15, compared to rival John McCain's $200 million. Obama accomplished this by taking smaller contributions from supporters and creating an easy online giving process.

Also, his supporters got online to show their support for him on multiple social networks, including a YouTube video from pop star Will.i.am and "Obama Girl."

The Obama campaign also used text messaging to announce the selection of VP running mate Joe Biden.

Celebrations are occuring around the world online today in support of the Obama victory, including Thursday's declared holiday in Obama's ancestral home of Kenya.

While the book is still being written on Obama's victory, Obama's digital activism can not be overlooked.

"Take away elements regarding his race and all the hype around his candidacy and you find that he executed a sound online strategy to get his thoughts out to the people and address their issues," said Navarrow Wright, President and CEO of GlobalGrind.com, in a recent interview. "This was not a fluke, it was true Internet strategy."

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