GW 2008 Film of the Year

We actually called it nearly a year ago, so it is no surprise and it is very much our honor to give Persepolis film of the year.

What Did We Say:

...Persepolis is one of those coming-of-age films that you don't usually see come out of Hollywood because it is actually good. The film is based on Marjane Satrapi's four best selling graphic novels of the same name, which chronicles her everyday life during and after the Iranian Revolution. We see Marjane living under the repressive regime of the Shah and later Islamic fundamentalism. The film also deals nicely with Satrapi coming to grips with her identity as an Iranian and a female in Iran and in the West. The animation is simply amazing; not even a Pixar film can stand up next to this. What I liked most about the film was that it said true to the original books. The film easily get the Oscar for Best Animated Film this year...

While Persopolis didn't win the Oscar, we are hoping that another film, Frost/Nixon, which came in a very close second, will take away top honors this award season. A great film about political corruption and the beginning of "infotainment journalism" to see if you haven't already. Kinda makes you wonder what the real Richard Nixon would think of Frank Langella?

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Good choices!


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