GOP: "Change" in Race Relations?

I had a lot of time this weekend to think about the kerfuffle between newly-minted RNC chairman Michael Steele and talk show host Rush Limbargh.

If you care to hear them, these are my thoughts:

For a political party that is against affirmative action, Michael Steele was put up in his new position to be the "new face" of the GOP mainly because of his race. Let's not forgot that Steele was NOT the first choice for his position, and they probably would have voted for that Magic Negro dude had John McCain won the election. This is not to say Steele isn't qualified for the job; he is actually a very smart person, and I wish the best of luck to him in moving his party forward, although I don't think the party will move too quickly with him.

Speaking of "great white hopes" in the Republican party, it is also kind of interesting how Bobby Jindal's national political career started and ended within 24 hours. Oh boy, watching him can really put you to sleep. The Republicans should have put up Sarah Palin to do the speech; at least her stupidity is entertaining to watch.

The more things "change," the more things remain the same.



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