Jamaica on my mind...

How is it that my home country Jamaica only makes the news when ish goes down?

From Jamaica Gleaner:

...The gunman who hijacked a chartered flight at the Montego Bay Airport has been identified as Stephen Fray, a Jamaican man in his early 20s who is said to be mentally ill.

A release from the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) said that at approximately 6:40 am today "members of the Jamaica Defence Force Counter Terrorism Operations Group entered the cabin of the aircraft and effected a tactical resolution authorized by the incident commando and in the process disarmed and arrested the gunman who has been identified as Stephen Fray from a Montego Bay address while rescuing the other hostages on board...

Well, I'm just glad this didn't happen while President Obama was in T&T, because you know the Secret Service would have blown apart anything that looked suspect in three shakes.

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