Al Hurra is a joke

Sunday night 60 Minutes, in collaboration with ProPublica, did an excellent report on Al Hurra, the Bush regime's propoganda channel in the Middle East. Check out the video here.

So just a round up of what is wrong with this channel:

1. Al Hurra is broadcast from Springfield, Virginia. The last time I checked a map, I don't remember this place being anywhere near the Middle East.

2. Most of Al Hurra's employees are Lebanese Christian.

3. The channel got off to a bad start in 2004. After Israel assassinated the founder of the militant group Hamas, Al Hurra stuck with a cooking show.

4. Poor use of money, especially with vendors

5. Al Hurra claims to be a network dedicated to free speech, so long as it aligns with US foreign policy.

6. Who the hell takes three hours lunch breaks these days without getting fired?

7. Not only is no one in the Middle East watching Al Hurra, apparently the Al Hurra executives aren't watching it either.

8. Apparently no one doesn't need to know how to speak Arabic to work for Al Hurra.

9. There is no control over what anyone says on air, even if its anti-Semitic

10. The Bush regime has not figured out that the Middle East hates US policies.

Where's the US taxpayer outrage?

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