Facebook members want Peter Thiel out

Over the last few months we have highlighted many grassroots movements that effectively use the social networking tool Facebook to advance their activism. However, there is actually a group of Facebook members currently using it for their own kind of activism – protesting Facebook!

Technology venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who sits on Facebook's Board of Directors and is one of Facebook's biggest investors, allegedly donated $1 million to NumbersUSA, one of America’s leading anti-immigration organizations and what the Southern Poverty Law Center has called a hate group. Facebook members have formed a group, demanding that Thiel be held accountable, either by denouncing NumbersUSA, or leaving Facebook's Board of Directors. In the meantime, group members are being asked to opt-out of Facebook ads.

“What's the worst is that our use of Facebook is contributing to his donations,” group member Chase Weatherfield Bauer. “Get out, dude.”

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