The other losers in the presidential race

Hillary Clinton is not a happy woman this morning.

Her 2012 presidential aspirations sank last night with the Obama victory. While she will go down in history as the first woman presidential candidate to run a formidable campaign, Clinton ended up losing the fight when she and her partner in crime, Bill Clinton, indirectly used racism to divide black and white voters. As you can see, divisiveness never works in anyone's favor.

Also, another hater, Ralph "Yes, I am running in the race" Nader had the audacity to get on Fox News this morning and call Barack Obama an "Uncle Tom" for big corporations. While I agree that our politicians are beholden to corporate interests these days, it almost seemed like Nader was crassly using Obama's race to make a point or a publicity stunt at best. What I am surprised by is that the Fox reporter, Shepard Smith, actually defended Obama, which is out of the norm for the right wing network.

Quite frankly, I don't think most people even knew Nader was still in the race.

Check out the video below:



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