The reasons McCain lost the presidency

First, I would like to say that although John McCain ran a crap campaign; he is an honorable man who deserves respect for serving his country.


However, most voters decided that the economy is the most important issue in their lives, and since Republicans are not usually perceived to be good on this topic, they rejected McCain. Hell, even John McCain himself has said he isn’t good with the economy.

Also, American voters thought McCain was just going to be an extension of the Bush disastrous legacy, notably the Iraq war and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Dick Cheney’s endorsement over the weekend didn’t exactly help McCain either.

Lastly, Sarah Palin is a complete moron.

I have to admit that I wanted to give the Alaska governor the benefit of the doubt when she first entered the race, partly because she was an unknown, partly because she at the time seemed to come from a reformist background, and partly because of the seemingly sexist remarks made about whether she could be the vice president and raise her family simultaneously.

But all my sympathy disappeared quickly in the now infamous Katie Couric interviews, revealing that Palin, well, left much to be desired,. In the ensuing weeks she spent her time trying to show that she has some intelligence and threw around words like “maverick” and “patriotism.” And then in the last couple of weeks Palin used divisiveness to desperately save the sinking campaign, which backfired horribly.

Sarah Palin was picked to garner votes from the PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) or the Democratic women who supported Hillary Clinton, but refused to support Barack Obama once he captured the Democratic nomination. Nonetheless, at the end, Sarah Palin, who was also picked to run with McCain to help revive the socially conservative Republican base, became an albatross around McCain’s neck due largely to the belief that she was not competent to take the job of vice president or even president if anything happened to McCain.

On top of this, what does this say about how Republicans views women in their own party? I think it is a crass idea to pick a woman candidate simply because she is a woman. However, if they were going to go down that gender route, why not pick a SMART Republican woman? While I don’t agree with anything on the Republican agenda, no one really can say that Kay Bailey Hutchison, Elizabeth Dole, Elaine Cho or Susan Schwab are not competent to have been McCain’s running mate. Geez, even Condoleezza Rice, who will forever have the the Iraq war attached to her legacy, would have been a better pick than Palin. Apparently, the Republicans thought that Palin’s wit, charisma and good looks would get them over. Not!

There are reports that Palin has aspirations to run for the While House in 2012, as she is a “raising star” in the Republican party. Boy, if this is true, Republicans will never get elected ever again.

I think we can all agree that Palin will return to Alaska in absurdity to view Russia from her house!



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