Can the new FDA head deliver?

President Obama has selected Dr. Margerat Hamburg as the new FDA czar.

From Time:

Dr. Hamburg, 53, known as Peggy, would be the latest in a string of high-achievers to join the Obama administration, with double degrees from Harvard and a successful run as New York City's youngest health commissioner under her belt.

Hamburg's career has focused on public health, bio-defense and disease control, and New Yorkers credit her with a substantial reduction in tuberculosis rates and increase in childhood immunizations during her tenure. She later served as an assistant health secretary in the Clinton administration, and she's currently a top scientist at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a group founded by Ted Turner to reduce the danger posed by "loose nukes" and other weapons of mass destruction.

Importantly, Hamburg is believed to be an acceptable choice to both the pharmaceutical industry and consumer advocates, a narrow tightrope any nominee must walk to win Senate confirmation.

Sounds good, but what is she going to do about the peanuts?



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