Traits of Successful People

I was cyber-browsing the other day, and stumbled upon Jonathan Alpert latest and greatest advice column on how to be successful in today's economy. As an entrepreneur, I have had to develop certain skills to succeed in my business and as a writer. Here is my take on Alpert's success traits.

1. Have a clear vision
Having a straightforward life strategy or business plan, while maintaining the highest standards, will not only help you get organized, but also present a professional and polished image before anyone you meet or do business with. So, looking like you have your sh*t together goes a long way.

2. Ask "why not"
See an obstacle as a challenge. A successful person is someone who knows how to be resourceful, think outside the box and always has a Plan B,C,D,E,F etc.

3.Choose to be different and defy the norm
Again, think outside the box. Being unique helps you stand out and get noticed.

4. Work really hard and focus on what you can control
'Nuff said

5. Be proactive and take initiative
Things don't happen to people who just sit around and expect opportunities to fall on their laps. Always look at a situation and see how you can seize the moment for your advantage.

6.Surround yourself with supportive and positive people
Dump all the insecure losers in your circle of friends and professional networks. They are going nowhere in their lives and only want to bring down other people into their misery. Success breeds success. Failure breeds failure.

7. Sell Yourself
As Alpert said, "A strong belief in who you are and what you do can lead you to become a brand in itself" So, shameless self-promotion is the name of the game.

8. Finally, enjoy what you do
You have to love what you do and represent passionately to convince others to believe in you.



At Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous Lion of Judah said...

"Dump all the insecure losers in your circle of friends and professional networks."

sounds like you have personal experience with this. but good advice on all the items


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