The Wire 55: Let the games begin

So now McNutty and Templeton the Fabricator are getting together to make up a story about sexually molested dead homeless people.

Jesus, take the wheel now!!!

What I thought was interesting this week was Templeton the Fabricator's lack of real newsreporting skills, and I am not just talking about the made up quotes. I am not surprised when he is asked by his editor to interview homeless people, and he doesn't know where to find them. Unfortunately many j-schools today graduate students who have no idea about the real world. Instead of actually going out to interview people for quotes today, many young reporters just do google searches or use recycled press releases.

I have interviewed homeless people many times in my writing career. The homeless tend to have the most interesting stories to tell because for them to end up in the situation they are in, they must have something interesting to say.

Now I am really intrigued with how this will go down on the show.

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