Zim opposition party used Google Maps

Description: The abrupt withdrawal of Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai from this Friday's runoff presidential election essentially handed President Robert Mugabe a victory and left Zimbabwe's future up in the air. However, given the uphill battle to have a fair election, Tsvangirai's party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) looked to cyberspace to get the word out about the possibility of a changing political landscape in Zimbabwe.

Tools Being Use: Google Maps

What Did They Do: Tsvangirai's party used the free software Google Maps to inform MDC supporters about campaign rallies around the country up until Tsvangirai withdrawal, as well as spots where alleged detentions, arrests and beatings have taken place at the hands of ZANU-PF.

"The courageous people of Zimbabwe, of this country, and the people of the MDC have done everything humanly and democratically possible to deliver a new Zimbabwe and new government," Morgan Tsvangirai said to CNN following his withdrawal.

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