GW 2008 Book of the Year

Of course a book on one of the greatest social activists of all time is going to get top honors from us! BBC presenter and author Colin Grant may have written the most comprehensive biography of radical Marcus Garvey, beginning with his roots in Jamaica to becoming a spokesman for the black diaspora. Negro with a Hat is a must read.

Over the weekend, we, the Associates, thought about what new media tools Marcus Garvey would use today if he were alive. Here are our thoughts and why:

Talia: Marcus Garvey would be a dedicated blogger. He would probably be blogging about the injustices incurred by Hurrican Katrina, the undevelopments of Africa and the continuing struggles of black people worldwide. Not only would the Field Negro have a run for his money, but Garvey's blog posts would probably have more comments than W.E.B. Dubois' blog.

Marjane: Twitter would be his tool for activism because he used to organize his mass rallies, sometimes on short notice, and he would need to contact as many attendees as possible. He would also use Google Maps to map out social injustices around the world.

Philip: Marcus Garvey would be a Facebook addict. He would easily attract thousands of Facebook friends like overnight and raise crazy money like Obama for the Black Star company.

Maria: YouTube, podcasts and Ning would be his tools. Marcus Garvey used to give powerful speeches, and viral video and audio, more people could have seen and heard him in action. I think he would have had a Ning because he believe in his supporters being their own activists, and they could have used Ning to start their own social networks.

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At Tuesday, December 30, 2008 11:23:00 AM, Anonymous RiRi said...

It is interesting to talk about how some black leaders would use social media. Its funny you bring up WEB Dubois when the NAACP is not seen as relevant to African Americans today mainly because the older black leaders don't understand that young blacks use the internet to organize today.

BTW, I read Negro with a Hat too and loved it

At Tuesday, December 30, 2008 3:39:00 PM, Anonymous Lion of Judah said...

I agree Marcus Garvey would use Facebook to organize and raise stacks today. He is the reason I became Rastafari.


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