And the church said amen!

Thank you America for ending the big ole hot mess better known as the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign! Finally, the rest of the country is waking up to what Massachusetts knew all along – he’s a flip-flopper. After his dismal performance on Super Tuesday, Romney has decided to “suspend” his campaign (meaning he will get back into the race in the event McCain drops dead or something before the RNC convention or Huckabee drops out). Despite the complaining by American right-wing talk radio that McCain isn’t a “true” conservative, the truth of the matter is Romney was never going to be the nominee because the vast majority of Republicans, his own party, don’t really trust him. He has changed his opinion on so many issues – abortion, immigration, gay rights – that make Republicans shiver at the thought of getting another “compassionate conservative.” C'mon people, do you honestly think if Romney was really a conservative, he would have been elected governor of Massachusetts - the land of gay marriage, health care for all and all things unabashingly liberal.

As far as religion goes, the cast of Deliverance has spoken. Not only did Romney lose in all the “Bible-belt” states, he came in third. Meaning, the religious right would much rather vote for Catholic McCain over Mormon Romney if Southern Baptist Huckabee wasn’t in the race. This further proves the very existant bigotry of the American religious right, who purport to be the true messengers of Christianity but really spew hatred and intolerance to anyone who disagrees, even if slightly, with their view of the world.

So, Mr. Romney, while you say you are suspending your campaign, lets be real, you didn’t have a chance in the first. You’re young and have the good looks of someone straight out of central casting. Just drop out altogether, come back in four or eight years, get a really opinion on the issues and figure out a way to loosen the stranglehold the religious right has on your party.



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