Journalistic objectivity in cyberspace

When I was in J-school, one of the first things my professors taught me was that a good journalist is one who puts aside their bias to report in a fair and balanced manner. But I don't think my professors had the new world of online social networking in mind during that time.

From Metro Boston:

...An increasing number of journalists are toeing the line with MySpace and Facebook. Whether adding a candidate as a “friend” or posting messages about his campaign, many journalists are, for better or worse, bending the rules.

Given Barack Obama’s stunning ascent from local Illinois politician to strong contender for the presidency, largely due to his wide appeal among the young and tech-savvy, it’s natural to see a surge in excitement among the public.

But in media, are we witnessing the dawn of a new paradigm, or a crumbling of rules designed to keep the press transparent and free?

Hey, I have never said that I wasn't biased, based on reading a few of my blog post. We are all opinionated about everything, including reporters. However, I always try to be fair and balanced in my reporting. With that said, I see nothing wrong with journalists having online social networks to voice their own opinions, as long as they are also transparent.

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